Posted on 1 May, 2016 by alemedeiros
redesign english

For a long time I’ve thinking about redesigning my page, finally, I’ve done it! I’m still using Hakyll, but now I’m using MDL library to give the page a Material Design feel.

What’s new?

Basically all the style and templates were remade, they were based on MDL templates, mostly the portfolio template.

I’ve made a lot of changes to the colours and used only a few parts of the template, but it’s easy to see where this design came from.

An interesting change is that now, I added an image to each page, to make proper use of the cards design and to make my site less bleak.

I still haven’t added my Teaching pages, since I’m planning on changing it’s structure a bit, specially because I’ve been thinking in using categories to keep these posts organized, and I still haven’t implemented this in my Hakyll configuration.

I’ve design a logo for my page, it is quite simple, it’s a lambda with a stroke so it resembles an A.

The lambda comes from λ-calculus, a really interesting way of mathematically expressing computation based on functions, the fun thing here is that it is equivalent to Turing Machines. This is the theory behind functional programming, something that I’ve come to love. The reason for the “A” should be quite straightforward, since my name starts with an A.

For the logo colours I chose a few colours to my taste from the Material Design guideline colour palette.

Source code

If you’re interested to see what were the changes, feel free to browse it on my GitHub!